Full Stack Web Developer Course

In this class, the student will learn all of the different aspects of full stack JavaScript development using the MEAN stack.

The MEAN stack is a pure JavaScript stack comprised of four main technologies, with a cast of supporting technologies:

  • MongoDB—the database
  • Express—the web framework
  • Angular—the front-end framework
  • Node.js—the web server

The course will introduce the student to building entire web applications using MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. Throughout this course we will focus on how to use each of the technologies in the stack, and how to use them together.

The course is divided into five parts, each part focusing on a different goal. The first four sections all work together building a full application, with an overall outcome of showing how to architect and build complete MEAN applications.


Part 1 will focus on setting the baseline with an introduction to full-stack development and designing a mean stack architecture.


Part 2 will focus on building a node web application. The student will build a static website with node and express. They will go on to build a data model with mongodb and will write a REST API to expose the mongodb database to the application and will consume the API inside express.  


Part 3 will allow the student to add a dynamic frontend with angular. They will create a full angular application with typescript. They will build a single-page application with Angular.


Part 4 will help the student learn about authenticating users, managing sessions, and securing APIs.


Part 5 is where the student will use the technologies learned in this course to design, and develop their own project.

This course will be very hands-on and will require the student to perform various programming activities. Student will build an entire location-aware web application as part of this course. At the culmination of part 4, they would have a fully functioning web application. The rest of the course will allow the student to use the techniques that they have learned to develop their own project which they will demonstrate to potential employers on week 16 of the course.